I can’t be more excited to welcome you to Easy A Star. Having had more than 20 years of wonderful experience guiding students and watched them blossom to their full potentials and beyond, we are now expanding our services to Indonesian students in Australia. Easy A Star is the culmination of decades of our teaching experience. Our aim is to create a place that you can call home with the best study assistance, a comfortable learning environment, career assistance and the best support for your academic, personal and social life. With full comprehension of the challenges of being international students, we blend the academic and personal life demands; embrace them and mould our students to acheive their academic and career goals. I’m blessed to have worked with thousands of wonderful students and nurtured them to excel in their studies in the world’s best universities around the globe. Be a part of our community today and prepare to be surprised of what you can be.

Johnson Yoenam

Director of Studies


Tutoring Classes

Our tailor-made semi-private classes ensure that you will get the best help in your academic studies outside your classrooms, weekly study reviews and even English language assistance.

Supervised Study Sessions

We will ensure that you will successfully complete your projects, research and assignments with hand-in-hand guidance in our supervised study sessions.

Study Club

Our study space will provide you with the upmost comfortable environment for your study even up to late night hours, equiped with group work areas and boardroom available for all your study purposes.

Food and Cafe

Great coffee and comfort food are key ingredients to make you feel connected to your home.

Indonesian Student Social Hub

Meeting point with fellow Indonesian students to ensure that you will have all the support you need to adapt to Australian lifestyle


“Helped me a lot with my preparation into college & university in Australia. A lot of my first year mathematics & physics subjects have been covered by Mr. Johnson. As a result, it was a lot easier for me than my peers to ace the subjects. The problem solving techniques also really helped a lot in my five year study. I graduated top of the class from that degree partly thanks to Mr. Johnson for his pre-uni preparation”.

"Johnson is a teacher who understands how to excel his students forward. He will go to great lengths to ensure that his students not only understand the lesson materials, but also benefit from it."

"I spent all of my highschool years studying only basic maths in Indonesian. Yet in a short period of 2 months, Sir Johnson, being the passionate teacher that he is, was able to prepare me for both college and university. His method of teaching helps me grow to be an independent learner that I need to be in university and is the reason I'm able to do better than my peers in mathematics."

"Methodical and fun -Johnson always emphasised on strong conceptual understanding yet never failed to instill fun in all of our classes. He helped me discover the joy of learning maths, guiding me through every step of my journey to academic excellence."

"On top of knowing the syllabus and prerequisites by heart, Johnson is always quick to identify weaknesses of his students, making him the right person to lay a strong foundation on all his students. Being confident and well prepared, his resilient students would thrive under the highly competitive environments nowadays. My achievements today would not have been possible without his invaluable advice."